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Webstite construction

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Making corrections
I have just returned to Portugal and am back on line. Living on a boat has problems for me to have continuous internet access and enough electricity to run my laptop. I am now very cozy in  one of the cafe bars on Ilha da Culatra catching up.
Constructive critisism recently received has made me look more closely at many aspects of my input especially descriptions.  What is clear to me is not always interpreted as the same to others.
It reminds me of a course I was sent on many years ago on how to give precise instructions to another to carry out a job successfully or to train someone to learn a task. 
We were all managers or supervisors and we were split in pairs. One was blindfolded and the other was given written instructions of what had to be achieved and had to instruct the blindfolded guy to do the task.
I was the instructor and the task.. fill a vase with flowers. The vase… the jug of water and flowers were all on different tables.. floor… a chair.  It was a good exercise. It really made you think out the action and how to effectively express what you wanted to happen.
So back to my website. I found my descriptions were not consistent. No order or pattern. I also found some of my links not working so had to look closer at how I typed them up.  
I have done some corrections this morning and still have more.. so please let me know if you spot something amiss or have advice on a betterment you might suggest.
 Keep safe all and have a good week. Xx


Thank you for keeping in touch. I am still in Portugal, it was not just a trip! The weather had been and still is wild and full of storms, not usual. We are living on a trimarang and it is very roughy. My business came to a slow march as we had to consentraye on survival of our boat along with a recurring asthmatic type flu. But I never give up. I will be posting my blog update soon. I have some exciting developments. So keep looking
Thanks that you are back, happy to see you again active here on the page. But please share the experience of your trip as well. How was your all experience of Portugal?

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