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13thMarch 2018 Update Artwork making and marketing

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Strategies.... Planning
Its been a busy week. I put out word on the island I was looking for somewhere to rent that was in a reasonable prominent position… was compact…and reasonably priced for a possible extended stay… not an easy find especially as the tourist season approaches and most islanders rent part of their properties at that time.
The island is quite small there are no roads.. no traffic.. only sandy pathways and beautiful beaches.  Quite a sort after paradise.
This idea results from my brainstorm activity last week.  Alternative marketing…
My own place on land is an exciting challenge…
It offers a workshop…a storage area…a display area..a sales area, a port in a storm that is somewhere else to live especially in bad weather or if ill… a guest house.. so many benefits ..even constant electricity and possibly a good internet signal.   The only downside is the expense when at the moment sales are slow and therefore income limited.

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Wish you all the best for your upcoming work and we all are very excited about your new artwork. I am really hoping for the best. Hope this year it would be bright and shiny for you for your career point of view.

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