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6th March Update artwork making and marketing

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Strategies.... Planning
The storms in Portugal continued and I was confined to our boat. Not much electricity and spasmodic internet signals meant business inactivity so I put my mind into action thinking about future progress and how best I can move forward and also overcome  times like now.. bad weather stops play… or work in my case.
Not helping matters I became ill with a severe cold and activated my asthma.  One night hospitalized to get it under control via emergency ambulance boat to the island.
I decided to brainstorm and make an action list.
I came up with priorities..
Internet business is slow.. re look at sites
Facebook ads produce many likes but no revenue..stop ads
Research selling methods.. did this from start.. refreshed learning curve.. decided I am already doing recommendations and many ideas are already mine and in action. 
Can I continue working from our boat 24/7…..
What is alternative… ideas ….. rent somewhere a room
perhaps or set up a studio…find location…

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All your new work is so good. I am happy that you are improving a lot day by day in your artwork and I am one of your biggest supporters and fans. Please reply to me it will make me happy.

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