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20th March update make and market

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Strategies.... Planning
Another week on and yes I have a Studio.  See photo.   Its one large room with offshoots of bathroom and tiny kitchen.   The room is large with an enormous bed.  newly plastered and painted (I have instructions not to make holes in the walls) So I must work around that.
Its on one of the main streets of the village.   Directly from the ferrybridge passed the church and Janocas to the cross roads, turn left and 2 houses down …. there you will find me. 129 Rua Joaquim Nerunes. 
Planning was next.  What to take out of our trimaran …. how I could display my work and make a work area, all attractive enough to entice visitors through the door. 
I first of all removed or moved the furniture ; ie take the fridge out of the living area… this meant I had to rejig the tiny kitchen.  I managed it though and now have quite an efficient workspace (for cooking and cleaning brushes) ;  I found some tiles in the dunes near the local dumping area and put these on top of the fridge making a bench area next to the 2 ring cooker.  I then took 2 pieces of wood we had been storing on the boat storage area for  newspapers and other tools.
In the main room I set about making display tables. I used the other wood and bought 4 broom handles and sawed them in half to make legs.   (it didnt work, it kept collapsing and we have a hilarious video of me fighting with my handiwork) I managed by resting partly on a large trunk one side and the other resting on an old sewing machine table  with the wobbly legs as added support.   It works  see my photos.

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One of the finest and wonderful blog in terms of painting and art. I am also interested to make a painting but I am not good at painting at all. Please suggest how to improve my painting skills.

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