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26th March update making and marketing

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Strategies ... marketing
 We have emptied the trimaran of all my art materials and paintings.   They are now on display in the Studio. 
My eldest daughter came up with a name for the studio Brenda’s Cul-Arte-Estudio (Brenda’s Culatra Studio). I made a temporary sign which I will have professionally made at a later date.
I am off to the UK my home town Newcastle, to pick up some of my earlier paintings and to recharge stocks of painting materials.
Forward planning has been upmost this week, looking at what might attract sales other than original artwork so I will be testing out various printing methods.
I also started to experiment with small cards as a souvenir choice for the visitors to the island and my first series is entitled Gardens of Culatra.

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Your paintings work is going to be good day by day. I have observed the change in your work which is leading you towards the right path. Keep up the good work and all the best.

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