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3rd April 2018 update making and marketing

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Decisions on choice
Now in the UK I am back to decisions on choice.  What materials I must reorder, what paintings to take back to Portugal, what ideas are feasible to extend the choice of products that can be made from my artwork already completed.
Also What do I paint for Easter?   For the last 2 years at Easter I have made an Easter Picture.
The first was a set of sketches and watercolour paintings, small, really almost prep. paintings, and since I have had the idea to make them into more substantial sizes.  This set was of the Torn Curtain, The Green Hill, Christ on the Cross at the end, The Tragic
face of Mary and The Open Tomb. 
Last year was an oblong canvas in acrylic done as a mural of a collation of events, over a Church  alter,  of Holy Week from Palm Sunday, The Feet Washing,  The Last Supper, The Betrayal, Jesus’ Walk with the Cross, The Crucifixion and the Risen Christ and a memory taken from the beginning of His work,turning water into wine.
I have eventually decided on The Risen Christ based on a tapestry done by the ladies of St Bartholomews Church, Longbenton, in Newcastle.  At this time it is missing from its usual display on the wall near the font,  as it is being cleaned.   When its completed I will post a photo of it.
Happy Easter to Everyone. 

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