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20th April 2018 update on work progress and marketing

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Decisions on choice
I am back from a UK visit chosing what artwork to bring to Portugal. I decided on my work representing where I am living Ilha da Culatra and now await the arrival of my 3 cartons.
I have advertised my idea A Painting Day on Culatra and am now taking bookings. You can send your enquiries via my website or facebook page or messenger brendaartwork18. 
Original paintings are not so cheap and not everyone can afford them but a lot of people enjoy art so with this in mind I am looking at diversifying into products that utilize my artwork. For example note cards and postcardshave.
With diverstity in mind I have also invited a friend who makes necklaces from local beach stones and recycled bicycle tyres to display some of her work.
Another idea from one of the village people is keyrings from shells found locally and seahorses of which so many get washed up. These may attract visitors and tourists to my workshop.
My painting this last month has focused on note cards … a set of six entitled “The gardens of Culatra“ (see my first below) and printing some of my photography and chosing those suitable for postcards. I must sign off now I am to the mainland today for a birthday party.  

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Your previous work was also very good and glad to know that you are also working on some future projects as well. Anyhow all the very best and good wishes for the work. Carry on and please share soon.

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