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work in progress 5 May 2018

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Strategies ... marketing
Today is Saturday.   Much has happened since I last blogged,
This morning I was selling tickets for my friend who has an old fishermans boat that takes people on tours to Culatra and other islands on request.  He also has a yacht which my husband is skippering.  We need to promote the action and it was my week to help out until we can get someone pemannent to sell tickets.  Again if you are in the area do come and visit me, by using one of the boats, Sete or Mystique, have lunch on the island with the excellent local cousine and then visit me or arrange a day with me painting on the Island.  A great day out even if you have never painted give it a try.  I am no teacher but will do my best for you. 
Weather in Portugal is starting to improve, my Studio is set up and running nicely, lots of visitors starting to show interest, yet to sell though, must think about this strategy.
I have decided to sell prints by photographing and also postcard size. Not sure if this will deter from the bigger stuff but my philosophy is a true collector will want the original when many people enjoy art but wont or dont have the money to buy it will still be able to have a little bit of authenticity by buying signed stuff from the artist.  So far the postcards are attracting attention.   Up to now I have been producing my own I am finding it difficult to find a suitable printer where I can get them at a reasonable cost.  So anyone with advice is welcome.
I am also well into the idea of notelets which I mentioned last time.   I now have a set of 8 and hope the printer I eventually find will be able to reproduce these for me.  A sample of my work so far is below.
Also my daughter has suggested I do Artist Trading Cards, have you heard of them, It seems they are very popular so I am investigating further with the idea to market them as digital downloads, on my Etsy Shop at   A sample also of these follows.
Lastly this week I have concentrated on “curb appeal”. my little studio is on a narrow pathway that the local transport , a tractor, often uses.  We have no roads here only pathways and sand,  My husband has had permission to attach signs to the local direction board and one on a lamppost as you leave the ferry. 

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All the best to you and your friend as well. I am looking forward to your work and it is much awaited moment for me. It would be a real pleasure if you share some highlights from your work in progress as well.

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