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14 JULY 2018 Update

by Brenda Marshall Woods in progress or WIP
I am in England today, just a short visit, arrived Wednesday and return to my studio in Portugal Monday.
I have been having some large canvas prints made ready of art I have made whilst on the island of Culatra. However preparing them for transit to Portugal is proving difficult. The last original I sent was lost in transit.    I am suspicious of that but it has not been found 4 months later and now I am negotiating settlement.  The painting was advertised at £350 on this website and they offer me £40.  It seems they are not happy to transport Art, Canvas’ and suchlike and these items are on their forbidden list. So I may have to accept their offer as they have accepted responsibility because the parcel, although it was a restricted article. was taken by them even though  I had written in the description ‘painting’.
Small prints have been popular but they do derive attention away from the originals and larger stuff.  However the buyers are tourists, holidaymakers and holiday home people. I must make income from something 🙂
The studio has been well received but pockets are deep and arms short. Perhaps at this moment in time its curiosity rather than collectors or buyers ….I must find other means of promoting myself.   I am reading many articles but am now getting weighed down with all the reading and again struggling to find time for creativity.
One idea I have had that has been successful is quality A4 prints with quality mounts and held in cellophane envelopes.  These are quite popular and are proving a size holidaymakers can get in their suitcases.
My Artist Trading Cards project is almost ready for launching and I am starting with my making digital downloadts.availabe.
It is for me quite exciting because my small miniature art is quite addictive and I have experimented and found that the tiny pictures enlarge for prints A4 very nicely and offer quite a contemporary feel yet I can still see my imprint on the enlargements.
The originals will be up for sale on this site.  Also prints of originals.  I have started Series 1 aiming for 80 to 100 cards and the series is broken down into Sets. 
I leave a few openings for responses
Can anyone advise on couriers that transport worldwide and in homeland UK artwork at reasonable prices.
Can anyone point me in the direction of Art Fairs particularly in UK, Germany, Portugal.

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All the best first of all for all your upcoming journeys. Hope you will enjoy the UK experience and new things will give you more exposure and vision. You are a wonderful artist and a true inspiration for me.

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