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September 2018

by Brenda Marshall Woods in Keeping in Touch
It is almost the end of September and summer time going into Autumn.
Since my last message my time has been involved in admin for my studio and time out crewing for my husband.
Productivity has slowed but I have created more Artist Trading Cards which I am now putting on sale on my website and also digital downloads in my shop at
I completed a series of Graffiti in Olhao Portugal, taken from street art on old buildings. The work of these artists is fantastic.
Work in progress includes a lighter fun art that I hope will be popular for general home wall displays my first is Baking on The Beach, perhaps suitable for Kitchen, Diner, Restaurant etc.  a preview below.  These will be part of my Kitchen Collectiion.
ore updates coming soon.
So keep posted for m


Hello all you essay writers, I find your comments and communication of much interest and support. Now I am in Germany for Christmas. We left Portugal in early November due to health reasons and medical checkups that were necessary. All is well, I still have my studio in Portugal. I am hoping to update this my web site in the next month, my apologies for being so late with this. I have been busy and made a few more new paintings but not as many as usual. Tomorrow the 18 Dec. I am having a cateract operation and then again 17 January so hopefully when my eyes are functioning properly I will be back in line and producing again. One of the commentators to my last blog said they also would like to try painting and asked for some tips and help. Well my advice is buy a block of artist paper, dont spend a lot, no need to, then acrylic paints are very friendly to use. They can be used as a thick substance, or watered down, can be overpainted. They are very useful starters, known as mediums as are pastels, inks, paints of all types. Then have a look on You Tube, one of my favourite artists is Bob Ross, he uses oils but you can use acrylics in a similar manner. Drawing also is useful to practice. If you dont know where to start, perhaps look in your room and chose an item. Place it in front of you and try and replicate it on paper. These days the internet has so many uses and learning a new technique or subject, is one of them. You can ask almost anything. For example I was never good at drawing noses so I googled "how to paint a nose" and many choices came up showing me in detail. Well all the best for this season's festivities and have a go, anything is possible, stay positive. Cheers Brenda
Just love autumn and winter season and the loveliest thing about autumn is I feel somewhere loneliness which is attractive for me. I like to spend time alone and just sit quietly and like to stare at things for a long time.

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