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20th March update make and market

Another week on and yes I have a Studio.  See photo.   Its one large room with offshoots of bathroom and tiny kitchen.   The room is large with an enormous bed.  newly plastered and painted (I have instructions not to make holes in the walls) So I must work around that.   Its on one of… read more

13thMarch 2018 Update Artwork making and marketing

Its been a busy week. I put out word on the island I was looking for somewhere to rent that was in a reasonable prominent position… was compact…and reasonably priced for a possible extended stay… not an easy find especially as the tourist season approaches and most islanders rent part of their properties at that… read more

6th March Update artwork making and marketing

The storms in Portugal continued and I was confined to our boat. Not much electricity and spasmodic internet signals meant business inactivity so I put my mind into action thinking about future progress and how best I can move forward and also overcome  times like now.. bad weather stops play… or work in my case.… read more