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Hi ALL, I am now back in my studio on Ilha da Culatra, Portugal.  I am not able to run the apartment as a studio.  I have been asked to put away my art stuff for the time being by the landlord.  So you might ask why,……  a little story…… This is a beautiful island, … read more

20 March 2019 Keeping in touch Brexit impact

20 March 2019 Keeping in touch Brexit impact

Hi everyone, Today finds me still in Germany, came here for Christmas Season in November and now its March.  Brexit impact on me is a possible restriction in Freedom of Movement which would impact on my travelling in Europe so I decided to seek a second residency country within the EU get a passport and… read more

1 October 2018

A busy day today.    My site is being updated.   Today I have added the first of my fun collection “Baking on the Beach” which is a set of 3 acrylic on canvas paintings.   I also added to The Kitchen Collection    “Chicken Stew”  a round canvas in acrylic.   Some items have… read more

September 2018

It is almost the end of September and summer time going into Autumn.   Since my last message my time has been involved in admin for my studio and time out crewing for my husband.   Productivity has slowed but I have created more Artist Trading Cards which I am now putting on sale on… read more

14 JULY 2018 Update

I am in England today, just a short visit, arrived Wednesday and return to my studio in Portugal Monday.   I have been having some large canvas prints made ready of art I have made whilst on the island of Culatra. However preparing them for transit to Portugal is proving difficult. The last original I… read more

work in progress 5 May 2018

Today is Saturday.   Much has happened since I last blogged,   This morning I was selling tickets for my friend who has an old fishermans boat that takes people on tours to Culatra and other islands on request.  He also has a yacht which my husband is skippering.  We need to promote the action and… read more

20th April 2018 update on work progress and marketing

I am back from a UK visit chosing what artwork to bring to Portugal. I decided on my work representing where I am living Ilha da Culatra and now await the arrival of my 3 cartons.   I have advertised my idea A Painting Day on Culatra and am now taking bookings. You can send… read more

3rd April 2018 update making and marketing

Now in the UK I am back to decisions on choice.  What materials I must reorder, what paintings to take back to Portugal, what ideas are feasible to extend the choice of products that can be made from my artwork already completed.   Also What do I paint for Easter?   For the last 2 years… read more

26th March update making and marketing

 We have emptied the trimaran of all my art materials and paintings.   They are now on display in the Studio.    My eldest daughter came up with a name for the studio Brenda’s Cul-Arte-Estudio (Brenda’s Culatra Studio). I made a temporary sign which I will have professionally made at a later date.   I am… read more

20th March update make and market

Another week on and yes I have a Studio.  See photo.   Its one large room with offshoots of bathroom and tiny kitchen.   The room is large with an enormous bed.  newly plastered and painted (I have instructions not to make holes in the walls) So I must work around that.   Its on one of… read more

13thMarch 2018 Update Artwork making and marketing

Its been a busy week. I put out word on the island I was looking for somewhere to rent that was in a reasonable prominent position… was compact…and reasonably priced for a possible extended stay… not an easy find especially as the tourist season approaches and most islanders rent part of their properties at that… read more

6th March Update artwork making and marketing

The storms in Portugal continued and I was confined to our boat. Not much electricity and spasmodic internet signals meant business inactivity so I put my mind into action thinking about future progress and how best I can move forward and also overcome  times like now.. bad weather stops play… or work in my case.… read more

2nd blog today Setting up Business and continuing to improve 27 Feb 2018

2nd blog 27/2/18   Hi   Construction discussion    One magazine article this week was entitled Observation Skills .v. Constructive drawing (Old Masters Gallery) This indirectly referred me to my previous discussion on painting from photos .v. real life which was shot down sort of as a destructive means to learn to draw. However I… read more

1st blog today Setting up Business and continuing to improve 27 Feb 2018

Hi   …. first post today 27/02/18   Well I am now working from our boat in the Algarve which is is presenting problems, mainly electricity for my laptop.    Today I am reflecting over my previous themes from What should I list, ><Painting from photos .v. Real Life, and being more careful how I describe… read more

Webstite construction

I have just returned to Portugal and am back on line. Living on a boat has problems for me to have continuous internet access and enough electricity to run my laptop. I am now very cozy in  one of the cafe bars on Ilha da Culatra catching up.   Constructive critisism recently received has made… read more

Settiong up business ; My 3rd Week 13 Feb 2018 copying or real painting

I am now into my 3rd week …. it has been a very busy time setting up both the website and my Etsy shop…..   I am pleased I have made my first sales from each.   I subscribe to quite a few online art magazines and this week in particular I notice they all seem… read more

What BrendaArtwork18 has today put in my Gallery

My Etsy shop is now open for digital downloading.   Digital manipulation can be fun and thats ok with my art.  You have the choice, here on my website are the originals, but go to the shop and there may be prints and many digital downloads from original fine art.   These you can… read more

Decisions being made 29/1/18

A little bit more progress today.     I decided to work on one of the areas I live Portugal and scrambled through my log book finding much to represent and capture the feel of. So uploaded a selection representing the typicality as I see it.    Lots of sea sun and sky, boats bars and… read more

What BrendaArtwork18 shall I put in my Gallery

Two years ago I started painting ….. anything…..from scapes to characatures, from portraits to cartoons…..*I read somewhere do a 100 paintings then consider selling, your painting will change and then you might find your niche.  Well my niche remains unclear at present count 134 paintings not counting sketches, and idea drafts.   So the decision… read more


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